Cicero Diagnostics is a medical diagnostic company located in Henderson, Nevada and dedicated to the advancement of clinical assays in women’s healthcare. Endometriosis is a major focus of Cicero Diagnostics, now offering through its ReceptivaDx product line, a test for all stages of endometriosis in the area of unexplained infertility.

The panel detects inflammation of uterine lining, most often associated with asymptomatic (silent) endometriosis, endometritis, and progesterone resistance tied to the abnormal presence of progesterone blocking cytokines. Endometriosis singularly affects over 176 million women and takes 11 years on average to diagnose. Many women spend years dealing with pain, infertility and bowel or bladder symptoms without knowing that endometriosis is the cause.

Cicero Diagnostics, Inc. is the exclusive licensed provider for BCL6 and SIRT-1 analysis on endometrial tissue through its ReceptivaDx brand. The test is currently being used in the majority of IVF centers in the US and in 16 countries globally. The company is investing heavily in continuing research leading to a growing expanse of peer reviewed publications. Through its Shared Experience Program, centers using the tests can get extensive analysis on success rates specific to their patient population.

Our Team

The company is headed by its CEO and President, Christopher Jackson. With headquarters in Henderson Nevada and offices in California, Vermont, and Colorado, Cicero Diagnostics is dedicated to its clients through its team of patient focused employees available to help both healthcare professionals and their patients better understand how these new testing modalities can impact treatments and long-term outcomes.

Cicero Diagnostic’s Medical Advisory Team is composed of leading reproductive Endocrinologists throughout the country including; Bruce A. Lessey MD, PhD, Wake Forest University, Steven L. Young MD, PhD, Duke University of North Carolina, Jeffrey Wang, MD Neway Fertility, Brian Levine, MD Director CCRM NY, and Allison Rogers, MD Fertility Centers of Illinois.

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