Getting Started

From within the US:

To order ReceptivaDx Collection Kits, please call Customer Service at 800-795-5385 between 8am-5pm (PST). Orders can also be placed via email at or by fax at 714-475-1533. 

Cicero Diagnostics ships collection kits via FedEx ground unless otherwise requested. Please allow for 3-4 business days for delivery throughout the US.

Cicero Diagnostics will ship individual collection kits to patients upon request. If biopsy is being performed by another provider on behalf of your center, please instruct patient to complete the test request form with the name and address of your center, including the referring physicians name and the fax number for results to be communicated.

Collection Kits are typically shipped in quantities of: 4,6,10 or 20

Each kit contains all items necessary for one patient biopsy submission

International Clients:

Cicero Diagnostics currently serves international customers from all over the world via our US lab locations. Cicero has contracted with DHL International Shipping to handle logistics associated with specimen transport. Please contact us via email at for client set-up, international collection and submission instructions, and accessing results. We can also be reached at 1-714-951-9245.

Patient Brochures

Patient Brochures are provided free of charge to all centers in quantities of 25. Every kit shipment automatically comes with (1) packet of 25 brochures. Orders for 10 or more Collection Kits will receive (2) packets.

Staff Training

Inservices/eTraining Programs

Cicero Diagnostics offers on-site Inservicing or Conference Call Inservicing for your staff and providers when initially starting to provide ReceptivaDx testing services. Please contact us at 800-795-5385 and speak with a member of our customer service team to schedule potential dates and times.