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To get started using our testing services, please contact us using the information form below or via email at .  A Cicero Diagnostics representative will be in contact within 24 hours.

Cicero Diagnostics provides collection kits at no-charge to our international providers. Our typical starter shipment includes 6 collection kits complete with 10% formalin vials, safety bags for sample containment, and our ReceptivaDx test request forms. Starter shipments also includes 100 patient brochures (English language only). Please allow 7-10 days for all collection kit orders to arrive.

Shipping of Samples to the U.S.

Shipping samples to our US lab location is provided at no additional charge via our proprietary shipping relationship with DHL Express. All necessary shipping labels and customs documents are included with your collection kit order. Please email us at if unsure that DHL Express ships from your country.

Sample Stability

Once a biopsy is collected and placed in the provided formalin vial, the sample remains stable without compromising the  integrity of the results. Please ensure patient identifiers labeled on the formalin vial match the information provided on the test request form. Samples should always be kept at room temperature.  Refrigeration or freezing of samples is not required during shipment or while awaiting shipment.


Results are available within 7 to 10 days after receipt by our US lab location. Results are communicated over secure email or via fax. 24/7 Lab portal access can be arranged for international customers. Please communicate with your designated representative to achieve portal access.

Marketing Materials

In addition to patient brochures provided with each ReceptivaDx collection kit order, Cicero Diagnostics can provide your center with customized e-marketing materials. Our current library includes materials that can be posted on your website or via other social media applications. Please contact Bela Angress at for more information or samplings of our digital media tools. 

Support for International Physician Providers

If you need additional support concerning our ReceptivaDx testing services or would like to access one of our clinical support specialists to discuss results, treatment options or individual patient cases, please contact us via email at

An initial shipment of 6 no-charge collection kits will be provided.  In addition, 100 patient brochures are included (English only). Cicero Diagnostics provides no cost shipping of samples to our US lab location via an arrangement with DHL Express. All necessary shipping labels and customs documents are included with your kit order.

Please download our ReceptivaDx App in the Google or Apple Stores for easiest access to the latest information on ReceptivaDx testing. Information on sample collection, understanding test results and published treatment options can also be found on the ReceptivaDx App.

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For International Patients

We are excited to provide ReceptivaDx testing services outside of the US via a global network of fertility centers.  Samples can be obtained during a routine office visit through any women’s healthcare provider. Samples are easily and safely shipped from around the world to our US lab location via our relationship with DHL Express. There is no additional charge for shipping. Patients only pay for the cost of testing.

Cost of ReceptivaDx Testing

The cost of ReceptivaDx testing for patients located outside of the US is $690 dollars (U.S.). This includes a full pathology report along with the BCL6 analysis & interpretation.  An optional CD138 marker for the detection of endometritis (rule out presence of bacterial infection) can be added for an additional $145 US dollars.

Result Availability

Results are made available to your provider within 7-10 days of receipt by our US lab location.  Cicero Diagnostics does not provide results directly to patients.

Additional Patient Information

Please access additional patient information on our website using the following link:

We invite you to download our ReceptivaDx App now available in both the Google and Apple Play Stores. The ReceptivaDx App carries the most current testing information and helps provide easy access when discussing ReceptivaDx testing with your provider. For your convenience, QR codes are provided at the bottom of this page to easily download the ReceptivaDx App.

Get Tested

Please fill out the following form to arrange for a no-charge collection kit to be sent. Please include your shipping address, contact phone number and email. If known, please provide the name address and contact information of your physician provider or center.  We can then reach out on your behalf to help your provider and their staff become better acquainted with ReceptivaDx testing services. Once your kit order email is received, Cicero Diagnostics will provide a confirmation email along with tracking information. Please allow 7-10 days for your collection kit to arrive.

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The biopsy can be collected during a routine office visit by any provider that has proper training concerning standard endometrial biopsy collection. Please refer to our detailed patient information ( insert webpage link to patient information page) section to better understand necessary timing information for biopsy collection. This information can also be found in the ReceptivaDx App.

If you have specific questions please email us at

Download the App

QR code to open the Google Play or Apple stores depending on your device to install the ReceptivaDX app.

Use the QR code here to download our ReceptivaDx app in the Google Play or Apple App stores for easy access to the latest information on ReceptivaDx testing, including sample collection, understanding test results and published treatment options.

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