Nov 24
Nov 24, 2022 Uncategorized

BCL6 and endometriosis can be linked to one another. When one has experienced unexplained infertility, one should know about silent endometriosis and the effects it may have. Here are some FAQs about BCL6 and endometriosis:  What Is BCL6?  BCL6 or...

Nov 23
Nov 23, 2022 Blog

Silent endometriosis and infertility can be linked together. At ReceptiveDx, we want our patients to understand the ways that we can be helpful in their fertility journey. Here are things to understand about the link between silent endometriosis and infertility: ...

Nov 10
Nov 10, 2022 Blog

A 2017 study of women  undergoing IVF analyzed the role of using the BCL6 protein marker to predict IVF success rates.  BCL6 is highly associated with inflammatory conditions of the uterus, most often endometriosis, None of the patients were treated....

Nov 2
Nov 2, 2022 Blog

When a patient struggling with infertility tests positive for BCL6 using the ReceptivaDx test,  it is most often associated with endometriosis. There are a few different treatments protocols for endometriosis in these situations. Here is what patients should know about...

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